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Many designs and options for made-to-order design is also available.

Owner can have unique railing design by their own idea with our variety choices of uPVC profile that you can mix and match them into whatever texture. HEVTA uPVC Railing can be installed as a single fence or installed above the previous cement wall. uPVC Railing by HEVTA is beautiful in design at affordable price.

The world’s most concerned issue.

Railing become more and more popular as the material does not require any maintenance cost, it is also strong with long lifetime and always look new even it has been used for long time. uPVC carries numbers of qualification like hardly get dirt and easy to clean. On the other hand, uPVC is an environment friendly material, which currently one

HEVTA uPVC Railing consume less production and recycle energy than all kinds of metal, also 7 times recyclable. uPVC Railing from HEVTA will not transform its shape when faced long time heat, no discolor, and does not require any maintenance costs. HEVTA uPVC Railing help save world’s natural resources as uPVC is syntheticed material without use of natural resources.

upvc railing

uPVC Railing around the terrace.

uPVC which is strong enough to withstand outside temperatures, weatherproof, and require no maintenances. HEVTA uPVC Railing assembled from uPVC which contained the qualification of beautiful, strong, long lifetime, uPVC will not break, crack, or discolor even it was installed outdoor against the sunlight. uPVC in long-term is much stable than real wood and steel. It will not loose its shape even the product was installed in the unstable temperature area. uPVC is also easy-to-clean, less maintenances required and non insect problems. HEVTA uPVC Railing will always look new and bring luxurious image to your residence.

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