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HEVTA uPVC Window Door
HEVTA uPVC Window Door

uPVC Window Door

What is a Sustainable Material?

Portfolio of HEVTA uPVC window door
upvc window door
Furniture uPVC window door
Windows & doors

HEVTA has policy to welcome any interested person with the right qualification to apply for being HEVTA authorized partner to work strongly together in the uPVC window and door business

Window and door is part of the building to connect the outside space in and also to ventilate the air.

     HEVTA uPVC W&Ds has an uniquely design with high security system.   We design the gazing bead to be inside with multi point locking gear to make it difficult to break through.      

    HEVTA W&Ds is easy to operate, close tight and strong with galvanized reinforcement steel.  uPVC has many good characteristics beyond wood and aluminium i.e good insulation not trasfer the heat, no water leak as corner is welded joint, termite free, fire retardant and recyable.

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