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We are the true specialist in uPVC windows and doors German system.

Glass house
outdoor furniture

Warranty Card

Ten Years Warranty on the quality of uPVC  profile from discolors, break and twist. One Year Warranty on hardware and installation.


For customer benefit, please request for HEVTA/HEVTA Warranty Card from the HEVTA authorized fabricator.


Glass is a very simple

yet commercial products that are necessary for daily use, examples of glass product are packaging, kitchenware, automobile, accessory, and the most famous is being a construction material. Many places have glass involved, including high-rise buildings and other residences. Glass brings the message of luxurious, beauty, class, attractive with many colors. Glass installed on the buildings are normally aimed for sun protection, allow insider to look out while preventing outsider to look in.

ral color fan

Colour Your life

Colour uPVC Window and Door at HEVTA, apart from white uPVC Profile, we provide our customers with unlimited colour shades and skin types like Satin, Gloss, Metalic, Pearl, and Sahara to match all decoration designs.

insect screen

HEVTA was made of Polyester-Fiberglass

Screen for Insect Screen, Mosquito Screen, Fiberglass Screen from HEVTA was made of Polyester-Fiberglass, which is strong, light weight, and hard to tear. Unlike old style insect screen which is very easy to damaged as the screen was weaved with wire that is strong but unflexible. With Insect Screen, Mosquito Screen, Fiberglass Screen by HEVTA, screen was come in a piece of 1 mm diameter hole punched fabric, all holes are equal in size, good for ventilation and clear view when look through the insect screen. Screen fabric is tighted without discolor or loose shape problems. At 4 edges of the screen was finely cut and sealed with machine, therefore, screen fabric will not fray even it has been used for a long time.

PEONEK comes from the sound alike of   “Petro Technique”, which uPVC is a product from Petrochemical. The logo of PEONEK has “O as screw symbol” at the center with “8 shape symbol” like an octagon means uPVC profile extruded by screw and has high quality standard. 

Create and Innovate product from Petro Technique 

VILANN Franchise 

Vilann window & door are fabricate from highly standard uPVC material in Thailand referenced by Europian standard.

call center

Call Centre





German Hardware security Multi - point Gear for Window and Door

Passed the Light and Heat Aging Testing of 1,000 hours

uPVC Window and Door Machines Auxiliary Tools and Spare Parts

If you have any questions about our products detail please do not hesitate to contact us

(+66) 85 0707 990 -1

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