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Jalousie Shutter

uPVC Window System also help preventing leak and reduce incoming outside noise

HEVTA uPVC Window assembled from uPVC with great numbers of qualification as uPVC will not break, crack, or discolorate even it was installed outdoor against the sunlight. uPVC Window System from HEVTA is an energy-saving system which will block outside heat getting inside the unit, also protecting air and water leak with Fusion Welding Technology which melt and join uPVC corner with heat. The use of EPDM gasket as a part of uPVC Window System also help preventing leak and reduce incoming outside noise. EPDM Gasket is the sealant rubber, which often used in automobile industry, suitable to stand for sunlight with longer lifetime compared to other kind of rubber. With Multi-Chamber Structure with steel reinforced both sash and frame helps HEVTA uPVC Window Structure becomes a very strong structure. HEVTA uPVC Window can be assembled into many different designs e.g. casement window, sliding window, awning window, shaded window, hung window, and Tilt & Turn window.

upvc window
upvc color

COLOUR your life 

Ranges over 100 available

High standard hardware


Vilann uPVC window and door system

 What the price would be comparing to other materials?

The average cost per project of uPVC will definitely higher than other materials as uPVC provides better qualifications. However, it is still affordable and worthy for long-term investment.

upvc window
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