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Expand houses and Renovating

houses refer to the change.

Expanding Area or Home Renovation often use old unit as part of its construction for example build up an extra room which will be using one part of the wall from the existing building under the same roof.


Expanding Area or House Renovation

The newly build unit should not been built too close to the old house as it will be too tight having 2 houses in an area. Expanding Area or Home Renovation can be done in any areas of the house and available in many options e.g.

Renovation of backyard home renovation does not limited only to the old houses but the newly bought houses can also do the renovation too. Most of the time, renovation is often done after a certain period of time when house owner is looking for a larger space to fulfill whatever reasons like the increase of number of the family memberor for privacy purpose. Renovation is considered as a building activity to expand the usage area and renovation is also considered as an activity to increase beauty and neatness of the house. Renovation is definitely much cheaper than buying a new house.

The beauty as the renovation done at the front area

The decoration or the renovation part of the backyard is not often shown to the people unlike the renovation of the front yard. Front yard is normally kept clear for parking and garden, therefore, the front yard area is considered as the most important part of the house as it is reflecting the image of the house owner as well.

There are many types of the backyard renovation, for example, the flooring renovation by applying cement over the soil and top with tiles. With flooring renovation, it will surely give more utility spaces, easy to clean, and prevent outside dirt getting inside the house.

outdoor chair
upvc canopy

Another famous type of renovations.

renovate both flooring and roofing which require the use of roof cover on top of the room. With this kind of renovation, the area is becoming more useful than only renovating floor as the room is fully closed and able to avoid sunlight and rain at all time. Renovating an empty area into one new room is the best way making use of a free area which can be used as a room especially when decorating with outdoor furniture.

Renovating backyard is the renovation which provides the largest utility area among other renovations. With the renovation on the backyard, especially renovate as an extra storage roomto store stuffs away from rain. 

upvc skylight

Expanding Corridor

Glass room or glasshouse is believed to help keeping the right temperature for growing plants especially the tropical specie plants. Glasshouse or glass room is able to provide stable temperature and preventing the weather changes from the outside environment. Therefore, glasshouse and glass room is creating livelier environment to the house than option of decorating the room with fake trees and flowers.

Skylight glass Roofs

Skylights Glass Roofs

Skylight means glass space which cover from 4 – 8% of the total ceiling area to the whole 100% of the area, all must be covered with glass. Previous concrete wall can be changed to glasswork as well, moreover, ceiling and wall can be designed to join into one piece to make the clearer view.

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