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House D-SIGN

“How to make it beautiful?” 

hevta design

Home design is the design which consisted of the needs of the owner and the imagination of the designer. It is normally beautiful and functional according to the requirement of the owner which was communicated since the very early stages. The considering points are for example, the needs of individual family members, the style of the house, then mixed them up in the design sheet. The more information gathered should bring the owner one perfect house design afterward.

HEVTA consider on the inside temperature

The house where air-conditioner becomes the hero in today’s temperature from daytime to nighttime. Therefore, the direction and the position of the house to either facing East side or West side is the factor that should be planned well. Avoid having front part facing east and west because the owner will be effecting from the sunlight all day. To have the important rooms facing North and South will help reducing heat from the sunlight. 

Good design

A beautiful home design should consider using heatproof material to prevent heat at the initial stage. To remove or change the material afterward may cause problems to the structure or unable to change the whole thing as wished. Another choice is to renovate only small parts which will not affect the house structure in the future e.g. adding canopy, shades, lattice to the house.

Try designing major part of the house 

which absorb less sunlight than other directions. Moreover, north is considered as the direction with high traffic of wind, so north should be the best direction among all. Therefore, to design having windows or doors located in the north direction should give better air ventilation to the house which could save the expense spend on the electricity.

Design a house using grass, flower, and tree, to create shadow to the house reducing the heat from sunlight or design the house with opaque wall or having many window bays to allow incoming natural light. With this way, we can reduce the use of electricity because the light is provided by nature. 

Materials like heatproof 

When heat cannot go through the wall, the room will be cooler too. The use of heatproof roof will also help reducing the heat in long term as roof and wall are the part which directly facing the sunlight. For better air ventilation, it is recommended to have windows on at least 2 sides of the room so the wind can be flown easily from window to window. The size of window is also important, try having large window on the exit while small window at the entry, so the wind could flow faster.

Exterior painting, interior painting, and color of roofing

The position of the room is also another factor for the house design, for example, the house with Thai kitchen should locate away from the house as cooking of Thai food may cause smell which cannot be removed. Moreover, kitchen should be in an open area without the use of air-conditioner or stay close to the room with air-conditioner too.


HEVTA uPVC Window and Door able to withstand the immediate change of temperature (minus 50 to plus 70 degrees in a day). Furthermore, the mix of UV Stabilizer and Light Stabilizer helps preventing damages occurred to the product.


HEVTA Window

Full-system German-Standard hardware and can be produced in many doors styles.

The energy-saving factor is also another great qualification of uPVC windows. 

Window and door

Winows and Doors uPVC Prefabrication

The structure can be installed or removed easily.

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