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Canopy and Lattice

It's a canopy. Exterior product.

"Canopy" a decorative product with many useful functions on itself, for example being a material for sunlight and rain protection, being a garage, or being a material to increase beauty to that particular building. As mentioned, canopy is an exterior product, therefore, it needs to be strong and able to withstand changes in outside environment.


  A lattice or shade can be added on to reduce the sunshine or for the climber.

 uPVC Canopy with Post and Lattice.

 uPVC Canopy with Rod.

Canopy is hung with stainless rod to assure about the safety and prolong the usage time.

uPVC Support Arms Canopy

uPVC Support Arms Canopy is designed to have 2 support uPVC arms without the use of posts.

COLORED Canopy Upon Your Styles

NO more old-fashion laminated uPVC Profile with limited colors. Enjoy wider pantone with newer upvc

Surface-Coating technology from HEVTA. High quality water-based color specially designed for uPVC

Coating with anti-scratch, weatherproof and high durability.

CURVED Design canopy

Apart from standard-straight design, HEVTA uPVC Canopy can possibly fabricated in Curve Shape to

serve unlimited designs, and that is the only reason why uPVC is so perfect for Home decoration.

Canopy can be designed to match with any structures.

Our Canopy is made with galvanized reinforcement steel and then covered with uPVC to make it looks nice.     It can be in any designs and colors, strong, last long and no rust.

Flexible Canopy Design

Design of uPVC Canopy is very flexible, canopy can be designed in the form of lattice to filter incoming sunlight. Canopy's roofing materials are also available in many options and styles.

Coloured Canopy

Polycarbonate has variety of colour options to suit all designs of every houses

With wide range of uPVC Profiles.

HEVTA can create many different styles of canopy e.g. uPVC Beam Canopy with cover sheet place on top of the beam. Beam range and texsture can be adjusted to fit customer desired. Another famous canopy from HEVTA is canopy from uPVC Window system which uses uPVC window install horizontally to protect heat and rain. It may conflict when imagining of window as canopy but actually it provides better protection performance than other systems. It brought together with the use of EPDM Gasket, fusion welding technology, these window assemble technologies will help giving better canopy performances. End cap for canopy is also available in many designs e.g. straight-cut end cap, lotus design end cap to satisfy all designs.

 PEONEK comes from the sound alike of   “Petro Technique”, which uPVC is a product from Petrochemical. The logo of PEONEK has “O as screw symbol” at the center with “8 shape symbol” like an octagon means uPVC profile extruded by screw and has high quality standard. 

Create and Innovate product from Petro Technique. 

Top cover material provides luxurious


Top cover material are selectable from glass, shingle roof and polycarbornate with selectable color ranges, size and thickness. For Polycarbonate, it was designed to fit with outdoor use, many colors and thickness at reasonable price. The disadvantages of Polycarbornate is caused of noise when raining and dirt collected at the edge of Polycarbornate. Glass, another famous top cover material provides luxurious and stylish looks but it carries high weight per unit. However, glass canopy is strong and provide more decoration choices than other system, price is also higher than other systems. Glass used in assembling canoy is safety glass or what we called "Temper Laminate" to protect fallen objects hitting the glass, it is a very safe system as 2 slices of glass were laminated with 0.38 mm. film in between. One slice of glass, the external one will be tempered to increase strength and safety. Film colors are variety with many shades available, glass can be as colorful as what owner admired.

Laminated Glass

Laminated glass is the use of 2 slices or more piece of glass with the PVB (Poly Vinyl Butyral) film in between. It is claimed that the laminated glass is able to prevent almost 99% of UV as well as giving the highest security to the family members. Once the glass is break, the broken pieces of glass will still stick to the film and the film will never be damaged by the broken glass

laminated glass

COLOUR your life

color shades

HEVTA uPVC Canopy can be colored in all color ranges over 100 available shades. HEVTA initiated uPVC coating line with high-technology machines (CNC) which able to give high accurate color mixing ratio. HEVTA uPVC products will be coated with thick micron to ensure the anti-scratch standard (up to 7 pounds at 45 degrees pencil tested) and also to prevent color goes off. Color used in Coating line is the water-based color especially for uPVC Coating. Color is non-chemical therefore, it is fire retard and non-smell after painted. Moreover, it is cool colored with UV reflectable, easy-to-clean without dirt on the surface after cleaned. HEVTA issues 10-Year warranty to all coated products.

100% no leak.

no leak

HEVTA’s latest technology called “Fusion Welding” that melt all joining points into one fine piece of window or door. Heat temperature of 250 degrees are required in the process, therefore, no water, air, or dust may pass through the welded point. Moreover, at the welded position, it is able to stand for high impact strength up to 3500 N. Fusion Welding Technology by HEVTA can only be used with uPVC, other materials like aluminum or wood are unable to join the corner as neat as uPVC. The use of EPDM (Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer) Gasket is also involved in all HEVTA Window and Door products. EPDM Gasket is widely used in automobile industry and yet modified to use with Window and Door industry. HEVTA uPVC Window and Door uses EPDM Gasket on both side (internal & external), gaskets will be installed tightly to protect any leak occurred.

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