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uPVC stands for Unplasticized Polyvinyl Chloride or a PVC which has been eliminate plasticize out from its formula but add more Stabilizers to strengthen the profile and to increase ability for outdoor use. Good uPVC normally called "Virgin uPVC" with gloss surface from perfect combination of the right compounds. With low quality uPVC, it will be easily damage, easy to get scratch, crispy with bubbles on the surface. Its color will show as a very white profile from adding more color powder during the plastic mixing process.

Get to know uPVC

uPVC will not face any insect problems, no damage from humidity, or loose shape with longest lifetime. uPVC can perfectly joined with heat into one fine surface, which other material could not do. Full system of uPVC Window & Door is subject to use EPDM Gasket Rubber, the same rubber that was widely used in automobile industry. It is the premium grade rubber which able to withstand heat and prevent leakness. Another advantage of uPVC is able to support thick glass up to 32 mm.

Strength of uPVC

strength of upvc
upvc Cleaner

Clean and Fast Installation

Installation of Window & Door or other products like canopy, fence, railing, pergola, shades, curtain wall, or skylight, all cement works must be completely done before get uPVC Products installed. Installation of uPVC products especially window & door require less time than other systems.

Frequently Asked Questions

What exactly is uPVC?

uPVC stands for Unplasticized Poly Vinyl Chloride. A material that has been modified for better qualifications than normal PVC as well as being a substitute material for natural sources like wood and aluminum.


Where is uPVC used in construction?

uPVC is an approved construction material and one of the architect’s mainstays. uPVC is as common in roof gutters, fa?ade cladding, roofing, light-diffusing walls and interior fixtures, as it is in windows and rolling / folding shutters. Its long service life makes it both an economical as well as environmentally safe solution. Furthermore, uPVC is also one of the “Green Material” as it consumes less production and recycles energies.


What has made HEVTA the best for uPVC Window & Door?

HEVTA became immediately popular on account of their long service life and easy maintenance. For the first time there was an ideal material which is 100% rot-proof as well as other necessary construction qualifications like air, weather and water-proof, fire retarded, etc.



How long would HEVTA been warranted?

10 Years on the material under proper-use conditions.


Aren’t uPVC all the same?

No. Even outwardly identical windows can be completely different on the inside. The quality of the material, stability and durability, design and processing quality are different as are profile design, sealing, and system variety. Expert installation and integration are of paramount importance as well.


Just how strong is HEVTA uPVC ?

HEVTA uPVC Products are reinforced with large-sized galvanized steel profiles. Their static strength conforms to the exacting requirements of skyscraper construction. The windows remain tight even when subjected to driving rain or storms. They conform to all relevant standards and guidelines, both national and international. Added advantage: their unsurpassed corner strength. Welding at the corners of HEVTA uPVC Window & Door is done with Fusion Welding Technology to ensure the high impact strength of over 3,500 N

Is HEVTA uPVC burglar-proof?

Yes, as HEVTA uPVC Profile has been designed to install the glazing beads inside the unit preventing from being removed by thief. However, in order to increase the burglar-proof ability, the use of safety glass and proper hardware appear to be another important consideration issues. Vilann uPVC Hardware provides multi-point lock system increase levels of difficulties to break in.


How HEVTA uPVC Window & Door behaved in fire?

HEVTA uPVC Window & Door are flame-retardant and self-extinguished. The profile will immediately melt at the heat of 250 C?. Moreover, uPVC is safe and provide better chances for fire escape. Whenever the unit is in firing, especially flaming at any windows or doors, you can still always be able to operate them and runaway. Unlike aluminum or wood which you will not be able to even touch it.


Can an intact wood frame be reused in renovation?

Yes, by using HEVTA’s Special Profile, the wood frame already present needn’t be removed, on the contrary it is “capped over” on the inside and outside with this HEVTA System, which was specially developed for this purpose.


Will HEVTA Products discolored?

HEVTA uPVC Products will not discolor and/or faded even in 24-hour outdoor condition. Discoloration problem always occur to PVC but not uPVC as these two materials were built from different chemical formula. PVC is non-stabilized while uPVC consisted of over 3 necessary stabilizers (heat, UV, and light stabilizers) to ensure its weatherproof performance.


What the price would be comparing to other materials?

The average cost per project of uPVC will definitely higher than other materials as uPVC provides better qualifications. However, it is still affordable and worthy for long-term investment.

For this FAQ column, HEVTA team is putting a hard effort in gathering question, information, and conclusion of all curious points of uPVC like what is it, where is it from, and what are the advantages or benefits of using uPVC? Some of our reader may already knew what uPVC is, but still wondering what exactly are the techniques choosing what brand to use as a part of consideration.This column, hopefully, may be more or less useful to our reader in answering about all uPVC questions. Moreover, we hoped this will be a very useful bible, which can initiate positive uPVC point of view as well as being a convincing tool for our reader to start using uPVC

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