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Jalousie Shutter

Jalousie Shutter

uPVC Window mathes with all tones.


Hot-dipped Galvanized 

uPVC windows are fabricated from the extruded uPVC profile which is similar to the aluminum window and door profile. The qualification of the uPVC profile is greater than aluminum profile in many points, such as the anti-leakage function on air, water, and sound. The uPVC profile is designed to have the space for steel reinforcement to strengthen the structure of the uPVC. The reinforced material is the galvanized steel which is very strong and will never effect from the corrosion problem.

100% no leak.

uPVC windows are fabricated from uPVC which is weldable especially at the corner of all window and door. The welded part will melt plastic together in one piece without holes for any further leakages. This advantage is better over the aluminum window and door, as aluminum cannot be welded, the best corner solution for aluminum window is to join all corners with glue which expirable. Unlike uPVC which join all 4 corners together in one piece which willgurantee that there will 100% no leak.


The energy-saving factor is also another great qualification of uPVC windows. uPVC carried almost the lowest heat transfer coefficient rate among aluminum windows and wooden windows. uPVC which is plastic is also non insulated material which will never transfer heat and cold from outside to inside. Inside the uPVC profile was designed to have multi-chamber structure which is the place for galvanized steel reinforcement and also stop heat and sound at the same time.


German Hardware security Multi - point Gear for Window and Door

Passed the Light and Heat Aging Testing of 1,000 hours


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