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uPVC Outdoor Furniture.

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Garden Chairs Garden Tables Outdoor Furniture

Garden Chairs, Garden Tables,uPVC Outdoor Furniture, Garden Furniture are the set of uPVC furniture designed for outdoor decoration. They were produced from uPVC which contain numbers of qualification like strong against all weather types, surface of uPVC will not break, twist, crack, loose shape or discolor from being used outdoor. HEVTA uPVC furniture is totally different from normal PVC furniture or PE furniture which we normally seen in the market.

Bamboo upvc







W x D x H


Feature: High density PVC  material (H-PVC) was chosen 

in order to reduce natural resource consume. Low production energy. Perfect substitute material.


Spotlight: A single spotlight focused on the squared 

design, balance, simply hint at a hope and a brighter 

future for the environment.


Concept: Taoist Theory that man is an integral part of nature (Harmary)


An simply arrange of uPVC profile as raminder of bamboo roft still and silent in the river for relexation.  Short profile remian as breath of neture have fallen in to harmary with one another.

upvc recycling

UPVC recycling eliminates manufacturing waste

HEVTA uPVC outdorr furniture can be colored in all color ranges over 100 available shades. HEVTA initiated uPVC coating line with high-technology machines (CNC) which able to give high accurate color mixing ratio. HEVTA uPVC products will be coated with thick micron to ensure the anti-scratch standard (up to 7 pounds at 45 degrees pencil tested) and also to prevent color goes off. Color used in Coating line is the water-based color especially for uPVC Coating. Color is non-chemical therefore, it is fire retard and non-smell after painted. Moreover, it is cool colored with UV reflectable, easy-to-clean without dirt on the surface after cleaned. HEVTA issues 10-Year warranty to all coated products.

COLOUR your life

uPVC  become more and more popular as the material does not require any maintenance cost, it is also strong with long lifetime and always look new even it has been used for long time. uPVC carries numbers of qualification like hardly get dirt and easy to clean. On the other hand, uPVC is an environment friendly material, which currently one of the world’s most concerned issue. HEVTA uPVC outdoor furnture consume less production and recycle energy than all kinds of metal, also 7 times recyclable. uPVC Lattice from HEVTA will not transform its shape when faced long time heat, no discolor, and does not require any maintenance costs. HEVTA uPVC Lattice help save world’s natural resources as uPVC is syntheticed material without use of natural resources.

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