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Glass Roof is the construction

which cover the part of roof and wall to be glass work and be able to function like window and door. Skylight enable people to see the outside view on both roof and wall, covering materials can be both transparent and semi-opaque like glass, acrylic, polycarbonate according to the design. More advantage from using skylight is skylight can be an emergency exit when accident occurred. Skylight means glass space which cover from 4 – 8% of the total ceiling area to the whole 100% of the area, all must be covered with glass. Previous concrete wall can be changed to glasswork as well, moreover, ceiling and wall can be designed to join into one piece to make the clearer view. Geometric shapes, glass dome can be adapted to design skylight to make it unique.

Glass Roof

Support thick glass up to 32 mm

HEVTA uPVC Skylight is the skylight system assembled from uPVC with galvanized steel reinforced, no corrosion, salt dirt will catch on surface. It is strong and reinforced with steel in every necessary position. Corners will be joined with heat (Fusion Welding Technology) able to withstand the impact of 3500 N also preventing all kinds of leaknesses. HEVTA uPVC Skylight system is the system which able to support thick glass up to 32 mm vertically, and 10 mm safety glass for roofing. HEVTA also use clamping to hold glass and use EPDM Gasket Rubber and cover on top with snap end cap to end the system. Glass options are selectable, color or clear, temper, laminate, insulate, etc. HEVTA Engineering Team will help on calculation to ensure that our client is purchase a high standard, safety, beautiful skylight to their home.


Save electricity cost 

HEVTA uPVC Skylight will help creating beauty, luxurious along with function to operate.

HEVTA uPVC Skylight will enable incoming natural light and save electricity cost up to 75 – 80%. Position of skylight can be in bedroom, living room, working room, etc. and can be use as the renovation construction to fulfill empty space of your home.


Skylight is use as a part of decoration to the building’s free space.

Make them into one fine room and charmed in itself without furniture required. Decorate your area with HEVTA uPVC Skylight will increase beauty and luxurious to the unit with many useful functions. HEVTA uPVC Skylight does not need any cement / concrete wall, its structure was built with steel, glass, and uPVC.

UPVC corner

COLOUR your life

HEVTA uPVC Skylight can be colored in all color ranges over 100 available shades.

HEVTA initiated uPVC coating line with high-technology machines (CNC) which able to give high accurate color mixing ratio. HEVTA uPVC products will be coated with thick micron to ensure the anti-scratch standard (up to 7 pounds at 45 degrees pencil tested) and also to prevent color goes off. Color used in Coating line is the water-based color especially for uPVC Coating. Color is non-chemical therefore, it is fire retard and non-smell after painted. Moreover, it is cool colored with UV reflectable, easy-to-clean without dirt on the surface after cleaned. HEVTA issues 10-Year warranty to all coated products.

Skylight is a design of a glass-room solution basically for the utilization of some rarely use areas like terrace and balcony. The design gives wider view and clearer atmosphere as it surrounds by glass from roof to wall.

Skylight requires high-quality materials as well as professional assembling processes and installation techniques to avoid further leakage problems.

Skylight, nowadays, apart from being used as a living room, it can be decorated for other commercial purposes like a small restaurant or a coffee shop which will surely attract more visitors along the day.

Types of Skylight

Georgian Style Skylight was designed to have classic gable roof similar to the

conservatory house. The gable roof design will surely match the style of the

new skylight to the existing house.

Diamond Style Skylight allows the owner to have wider view in all directions.

This Diamond Style Skylight is recommended to be built in the garden area. 

Another design of the Diamond Style Skylight which extended from the existing house

Extension of a Skylight over the existing balcony helps increase the space of the living room. With this extension, family members could enjoy wider panoramic view

without having leakage problem.


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