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Glass House and Skylight

Glass house

Glass House

Glass House was also given a meaning of A construction built close to the main building with more than 75% incoming light allowance on the roof area and over 50% of incoming light allowance on the wall area. However, today, Glass house is a construction built distant from the main unit and use as a living room.


HEVTA as Thailand’s first Glass House manufacturer has intended to develop Glass House to work with uPVC creating a fine output as a Glass House. HEVTA uPVC Glass House is a very strong construction as all structures were built with steel based wrapped with uPVC, wall structured with glass and safety glass for roof area. Total weight per square meter for a glass house is heavier than weight per unit of a normal house. HEVTA uPVC Glass House has been widely accepted from designers around the country in terms of strength and beauty structure. For other works like electric cables can be hidden neatly, drainage rail made of uPVC is also included in the system and to be installed neatly too. HEVTA is a high experience firm who really an expert on design and install of a uPVC glass house and that makes our brand trustable, unique in characteristic, and yet became the most popular in the market. All necessary calculations like wind load or weight calculation can be easily done by our Engineering team to give you a true one-stop-service.

Glass House as mentioned, it is a very clear structure, which will definately bring in more heat than other systems. HEVTA concerns on the mentioned topic and we prefered to use uPVC instead of other materials as uPVC will not transfer heat from outside to inside. Unlike aluminum, it brings heat and finally the room will become hotter. With HEVTA’s Fusion Welding Technology, it seals all joint into one surface and that prevent all leaknesses like heat, water, and dust to get inside. uPVC Glass House will automatically help controlling internal tempereature than other systems, and so, it extends air-conditioner’s life time.

Hardware uPVC System

Hardware upvc system

Hardware used in uPVC Glass House by HEVTA was specially designed for uPVC System with German Standard. It requires quite a high standard hardware to ensure the long last operation time. Options of locking system are available in both single-point lock and multi-point lock system, which operated from our genius gear set. With multi-point lock system, it will provide comfortable and easy-to-use functioning, all lock can be operated via a single movement of handle. Multi-Point lock system will increase safety to your residence. All window and door styles can be selected to use whatever systems e.g. sliding, casement, hung, pivot, folding, awning, etc. HEVTA uPVC Glass House is suitable to use as an area welcoming VIP people or switch as the second house to live in. Design of HEVTA uPVC Glass House based on beauty, stylish, full of real English memorable with full functions operated.

COLOUR your life

Colour upvc

HEVTA uPVC Glass House can be colored in all color ranges over 100 available shades. HEVTA initiated uPVC coating line with high-technology machines (CNC) which able to give high accurate color mixing ratio. HEVTA uPVC products will be coated with thick micron to ensure the anti-scratch standard (up to 7 pounds at 45 degrees pencil tested) and also to prevent color goes off. Color used in Coating line is the water-based color especially for uPVC Coating. Color is non-chemical therefore, it is fire retard and non-smell after painted. Moreover, it is cool colored with UV reflectable, easy-to-clean without dirt on the surface after cleaned. HEVTA issues 10-Year warranty to all coated products.

Glass house
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