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Fence and Railing

About Railing

Railing” another home decoration product with qualifications on both beauty and safety to all family members.

Railing is the decoration item which can be seen from the outside, telling the style of the owner. Trendy and unique railing brings impression to whoever saw them and bring positive image to your home. Railing does not rely on any fixed materials, it can be made of concrete cement, steel, stainless steel, and uPVC. Concrete railing is what we familiar the most, it was built as a part of the house using same brick and colored exactly the same to the main house. Concrete railing is strong but does not give any see through space, whenever we walk nearby the concrete railing, we will definitely feel very narrowed and a bit uncomfortable. Concrete railing look nice when first built but it can be easily get dirt when time passed by. Concrete railing normally painted with normal coating color, when dust has stick to the surface and was not quickly removed, dirt will permanently left on the railing without ways to remove except re-painted them. Concrete railing also facing other problems like crack of concrete and depletion of structure. Today, popularity of house using concrete rail is decreasing as concrete rail is difficult for maintenance.

HEVTA uPVC Railing produced from fine grade uPVC which is strong enough to withstand outside temperatures, weatherproof, and require no maintenances.

HEVTA uPVC Railing assembled from uPVC which contained the qualification of beautiful, strong, long lifetime, uPVC will not break, crack, or discolor even it was installed outdoor against the sunlight. uPVC in long-term is much stable than real wood and steel. It will not loose its shape even the product was installed in the unstable temperature area. uPVC is also easy-to-clean, less maintenances required and non insect problems. HEVTA uPVC Railing will always look new and bring luxurious image to your residence.

HEVTA uPVC Railing consume less production and recycle energy than all kinds of meta

also 7 times recyclable. uPVC Railing from HEVTA will not transform its shape when faced long time heat, no discolor, and does not require any maintenance costs. HEVTA uPVC Railing help save world’s natural resources as uPVC is syntheticed material without use of natural resources.

Environmental Sustainable >

HEVTA uPVC Railing can be colored in all color ranges over 100 available shades

uPVC coating line with high-technology machines (CNC) which able to give high accurate color mixing ratio. HEVTA uPVC products will be coated with thick micron to ensure the anti-scratch standard (up to 7 pounds at 45 degrees pencil tested) and also to prevent color goes off. Color used in Coating line is the water-based color especially for uPVC Coating. Color is non-chemical therefore, it is fire retard and non-smell after painted. Moreover, it is cool colored with UV reflectable, easy-to-clean without dirt on the surface after cleaned. HEVTA issues 10-Year warranty to all coated products.

upvc Railing

Railing for ladder

uPVC Railing is strong as the fence was reinforced with thick steel covered outside with uPVC. It is easy to install or remove without trouble calling for technicians, it is one of the DIY products. HEVTA uPVC Railing has many designs and options for made-to-order design is also available.

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