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Snapshot Photography

HEVTA uPVC Showroom

HEVTA is the best quality.

uPVC products for home decorations. With over 9 product categories which are windows and doors glass houses gazeboes skylights canopies insect screens fences railings pergolas shades and lattices garden chairs. These product ranges are suitable for both outdoor and indoor use e.g. doors, windows, gates, sliding doors, folding doors, glass doors, sliding windows, awning windows, and other types of windows. 

Hevta uPVC Window door

Photo from Walaiwan Bakery

in Hua Hin, Thailand

uPVC window and door have been designed to suit the house style as well.

Showroom: Window & Door


Photo from PARIPHAN

in Bangkok, Thailand

Most panel space was fully filled with uPVC widow and door to increase the visually view.

Showroom: Window & Door

uPVC Lattice  HEVTA


in Bangkok, Thailand

Hide out the unwanted area with uPVC Lattice.

Showroom:  Canopy & Lattice

uPVC Window Door

Photo from SIRIWAN

in Nakhon Ratchasima, Thailand

Model Style housing with all uPVC Sliding window & door sytem.

Showroom: Window & Door

HEVTA Glasshouse


in Buri Ram, Thailand

Memorable Double Deck Glass House.

HEVTA upvc window door

Photo from PRASIT

in Bangkok, Thailand

Full-Standard uPVC Window & Door.

Showroom: Window & Door

HEVTA uPVC window door in resort

Photo from KC Resort & Over Water Villas

in Koh Samui, Thailand

A luxurious seaside hotel with uPVC window & door installed.  Advantages of uPVC are anti-lek, non-corrosion, with smoot operation for all its lifetime.

Showroom: Window & Door

uPVC window door


in Bangkok, Thailand

Modern Interior Design.

Showroom: Window & Door

uPVC Skylight

Photo from THANANDA

in Bangkok, Thailand

Skylight allows more natural light in reducing the use of electricity.

uPVC window door curve

Photo from PRASERT

in Bangkok, Thailand

uPVC windows and doors have been designed to suit the house style as well. 

Showroom: Window & Door

Fixed window HEVTA

Photo from Rudi

in Pattaya , Thailand

uPVC Curtain Wall lights up the room with Low-E Glass reflecting heat away.

Showroom: Window & Door

Colored uPVC Sliding Door

Photo from RASRI

in Bangkok, Thailand

uPVC window & Door matches with all tones.

Showroom: Window & Door

uPVC Railing HEVTA

Photo from  Allamanda Laguna

in Phuket, Thailand

Modern-Thai Style Serviced Apartments with uPVC Window and Door and Fence.

Showroom: Fence & Railing

Window door hevta modern house


in Nongbualamphu, Thailand

Variety of designs from uPVC window & door.

Showroom: Window & Door

uPVC Window with curve

Photo from The Patio

in Hat Yai, Thailand

Another nice corner decorated with brick tiles and uPVC window installed.

Showroom: Window & Door

Railing in contemporary style

Photo from MR. BIG

in Hua Hin, Thailand

White Railing matching the paint tone.

Showroom: Fence & Railing

uPVC Skylight HEVTA

Photo from LALIT

in Bangkok, Thailand

uPVC skylight extended from the main house, make used of the area.  An estra room built from skylight.

Knock down HEVTA house

Photo from Crystal Park

in Bangkok, Thailand

A very attractive coloful uPVC Kiosk under "Squeeze" design concept.

Showroom: Window & Door

uPVC Large Pergolas HEVTA

Photo from ALONGKORN

in Chiang Mai, Thailand

uPVC Pergola in the middle of garden.

Outdoor Furniture

HEVTA uPVC furniture is totally different from normal PVC furniture or PE furniture which we normally seen in the market.

Vilann Outdoor Furniture

True Specialist in uPVC 

Doors, windows, gates, sliding doors, folding doors, glass doors, sliding windows, awning windows, and other types of windows. 

Showroom HEVTA

Winows and Doors uPVC Prefabrication

The structure can be installed or removed easily.

upvc window and door

uPVC Window and Door Machines Auxiliary Tools and Spare Parts


Call Centre

If you have any questions about our products detail please do not hesitate to contact us

(+66) 85 0707 990 -1


Passed the Light and Heat Aging Testing of 1,000 hours

German Hardware security Multi - point Gear for Window and Woor


Call Centre
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