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Folding Door 

Folding Door was developed to differentiate

HEVTA uPVC Folding Door was developed to differentiate from other folding door system in the market. uPVC Folding Door System from HEVTA can be assembled up to 7 panels per one set and available since 2 – 7 panels. Folding styles are varied from one-sided folding system or split depending on design. With Stylish pattern of HEVTA uPVC Folding Door System, it gives options for designers to easily design matching theme for each house. uPVC Folding Door from HEVTA is strong, easy to use, beautiful and give perfect ventilation at the same time.

Folding door

EPDM Gasket Rubber

Gasket rubber

HEVTA uPVC Folding Door System uses EPDM Gasket Rubber in both frame and sash together with premium grade woolen fabric to prevent outside noise and dust. HEVTA also use False Mullion to close between 2 sashes for better air, water and sound prevention even when installed on the high-rise building.

Hardware used in uPVC Folding Door System

Hevta Hardware

HEVTA was specially designed for uPVC System with German Standard. uPVC Folding door is often use as the main entry therefore, it requires quite a high standard hardware to ensure the long last operation time. Options of locking system for uPVC Folding Door is available in both single-point lock and multi-point lock system which operated from our genius gear set. With multi-point lock system, it will provide comfortable and easy-to-use functioning, all lock can be operated via a single movement of handle. Multi-Point lock system will increase safety to your residence. Moreover

HEVTA also use special hinges with gapless feature together with multi-point lock system in every panel to perfectly lock the whole door with top safety ever. Glass options for HEVTA uPVC Folding Door can be fit with cleared glass, float glass, textured glass, laminated glass, colored glass, insulated glass, etc. with the thickness from 6 mm. to 32 mm. HEVTA will help calculate the size of glass for the best efficiency solution.

no leak

100% no leak.

uPVC windows are fabricated from uPVC which is weldable especially at the corner of all window and door. The welded part will melt plastic together in one piece without holes for any further leakages. This advantage is better over the aluminum window and door, as aluminum cannot be welded, the best corner solution for aluminum window is to join all corners with glue which expirable. Unlike uPVC which join all 4 corners together in one piece which willgurantee that there will 100% no leak.

Energy saving


The energy-saving factor is also another great qualification of uPVC windows. uPVC carried almost the lowest heat transfer coefficient rate among aluminum windows and wooden windows. uPVC which is plastic is also non insulated material which will never transfer heat and cold from outside to inside. Inside the uPVC profile was designed to have multi-chamber structure which is the place for galvanized steel reinforcement and also stop heat and sound at the same time.

Benefits and types of the Folding Door System  

Folding Door is considered as the most famous door system nowadays. Each door leaf can be folded one-by-one which allows to have as much clear space as desired.

Folding Door is suitable to be used as an exterior door

as well as interior door separate between 2 rooms.

Folding Door is the most effective door system for ventilation.

Folding Door can be designed in variety of styles to suit different style of the house. 


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Passed the Light and Heat Aging Testing of 1,000 hours

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