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Sliding Windows

HEVTA Sliding Window System is the sliding window system with variety in patterns.

Sliding window

60 mm.






70 mm.


90 mm.


 one-side operation, split in the middle, etc. HEVTA uPVC Sliding Window System can apply fixed window in the set e.g. fixed window on top or on both sides of the door. Insect Screen can be installed independently or can be assembled as a part of the window using the same track as the sliding system. HEVTA uPVC Sliding Window System can be assembled at the maximum height of 3 meters without any problems.

UPVC corner

HEVTA uPVC Sliding Window System assembled

uPVC which contained the qualification of beautiful, strong, long lifetime, uPVC will not break, crack, or discolorate even it was installed outdoor against the sunlight. uPVC Fixed Window System from HEVTA is an energy-saving  system which will block outside heat getting inside the unit, also protecting air and water leak with Fusion Welding Technology which melt and join uPVC corner with heat. The use of EPDM gasket as a part of uPVC Window System also help preventing leak and reduce incoming outside noise. EPDM Gasket is the sealant rubber, which often used in automobile industry, suitable to stand for sunlight with longer lifetime compared to other kind of rubber. Moreover, HEVTA also use double woolen fabric to prevent dust getting inside the unit. With Multi-Chamber Structure with steel reinforced both sash and frame helps HEVTA uPVC Window Structure becomes a very strong structure.

Hardware used in uPVC Sliding Window System

HEVTA was specially designed for uPVC System with German Standard. uPVC Sliding Window is often use as the main window therefore, it requires quite a high standard hardware to ensure the long last operation time. Options of locking system for uPVC Sliding Window is available in both single-point lock and multi-point lock system which operated from our genius gear set. With multi-point lock system, it will provide comfortable and easy-to-use functioning, all lock can be operated via a single movement of handle.

Multi-Point lock system will increase safety to your residence. Roller used in uPVC Sliding Window System is able to absorb up to 180 kilograms. Moreover, HEVTA also use double woolen fabric to prevent dust getting inside the unit.

Hardware upvc
Hardware for Sliding windows

Glass options for HEVTA uPVC Sliding Window

Can be fit with cleared glass, float glass, textured glass, laminated glass, colored glass, insulated glass, etc. with the thickness from 6 mm. to 32 mm. HEVTA will help calculate the size of glass for the best efficiency solution. HEVTA uPVC Sliding Window System can be decorated to fit with all required purposes and yet become one of the famous systems used in almost every residences.  HEVTA uPVC Sliding Window System is able to fit with full-sized glass, half-sized glass, uPVC Door Plate for better privacy. Moreover, curved designs can be adapted to HEVTA uPVC Sliding Window too. Another perfect point from HEVTA uPVC Sliding Window is the design of water way in both frame and sash which is not allow water to get inside the unit.I'm a paragraph. Click here to add your own text and edit me. I’m a great place for you to tell a story and let your users know a little more about you.

6 mm.


32 mm.

Sliding Window can be fit.


German Hardware security Multi - point Gear for Window and Door

Passed the Light and Heat Aging Testing of 1,000 hours


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Sliding window

Sliding Window

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