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Shaded Windows

Shaded Window was designed

HEVTA uPVC Shaded Window was developed base on real-life usage by using sliced glass instead of one piece of Large glass. Light and wind can be controlled by flipping glass to either open or close. Frame is made from premium grade uPVC which will not break, twist, loose shape, or discolor even installed against the sunlight for long time. It is definitely much better than using wooden shade which is fast to outside weathers. With uPVC, maintenance issues and insect problems are nothing to worry. Glass which is slice into pieces can be colored by choosing color films with 10 mm. glass width available. Apply insect screen with uPVC Shaded Window is the best matching of one perfect window.

Shaded window
Hardware upvc

Hardware used in uPVC Shaded Window System

HEVTA was specially designed for uPVC System with German Standard, which ensures the long last operation time. Options of locking system for uPVC Shaded Window is available only in 1 option, lock by crank.

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Passed the Light and Heat Aging Testing of 1,000 hours

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